Surgery for Lipomas & Cysts

There are a wide variety of “lumps and bumps” that people experience. Many of these will be benign which means there is no risk for cancer. However, some of these lesions are malignant and have the potential for lethal spread. If you notice a mass on or underneath your skin, it is wise to get an evaluation by a physician.


​A lipoma is a benign fatty mass that feels like a soft lump underneath your skin. People can develop multiple lipomas in different areas of their body. Large lipomas can be unattractive, cause discomfort, restrict your range of motion, and may even make it challenging to fit clothing properly. Lipomas do not carry any risk of cancer, so it is not critical that you have them removed. However, if your lipoma is bothersome to you, it can be removed safely in the operating room with little disruption to your life. The surgery is typically less than one hour, and you will be discharged home the same day.


A cyst is usually a round or elliptical shaped mass located underneath your skin. It has a sac-like structure that contains liquid or gelatinous material. A sebaceous cyst is a type of cyst that forms out of one of the oil-producing sebaceous glands most often located on the head, neck, or back. A pilonidal cyst develops at the top of the cleft of the buttocks over the tailbone when hair becomes ingrown. Cysts may become infected, which causes them to turn red and painful. Infected cysts may drain a foul-smelling fluid. Cysts will not resolve on their own. Though antibiotics may control the infection, the sac of cyst will remain along with the risk of re-infection until it is surgically removed. Fortunately, cyst removal surgery is an outpatient procedure that usually takes less than an hour.